shop sign Occasionette is a wonderful shop owned and operated by artist-extraordinaire, Sara Selepouchin Villari. After several years successfully growing her online store, Girls Can Tell, Sara opened shop in her hometown of Philadelphia. The store showcases Sara’s whimsical and clever line of tea towels, as well as beautiful gift items made all around the country. Need something for a baby shower? Bachelorette party? Housewarming? Sara’s Occasionette has something for every occasion.

oette shop 2014 oette 1But Sara didn’t have a pattern that represented all the great things her shop offered. I worked with her to develop a pattern that exemplified the spirit of the shop: cheery, bright colors, the charming gift box logo, and many of the signature items that customers love (greeting cards, drinking straws, tumblers).  Sara can now use this pattern on her website, in displays, gift packaging, and other printed goods that will help tell the story of her display two

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