Ok, I know carpet is a bit out-of-trend at the moment, but there’s truly a time and place for about everything. Even carpet. Vertical-living in an urban rowhome requires lots and lots (and lots) of trips up and down the stairs. A lovely carpet stair runner can ease the load on weary feet, slow down scuttling toddlers, and keep dust-bunnies at bay (or at least, hide them). We felt inspired by some of these gorgeous stair runner installations:

dark-blue-stair-runnerAt our local Avalon Flooring showroom, we perused dozens of GORGEOUS carpets. Even with a sale, most of the lovely wool carpets were out of our price range. So we found a great synthetic blend with a bit of a chevron pattern that we hoped could hide stains and handle the wear and tear of a busy household.

The best/worst part of ordering custom products? Lots and lots of small choices. In this instance, we needed to select a SURGING color. While I would love to get the carpet taped (like the image below), surging is a much more affordable way of binding the carpet’s edge. greek-key-stair-runnerSurging is basically a gorgeous hem for your carpet. I opted for a dark color for ours: all the better to hide the grime!

surgeAnd while I would love to install carpet rods along the stairs, they’re a bit pricey (super basic ones start at $20 per piece), and are purely ornamental. Maybe someday I’ll troll ebay for a nice set of vintage pieces, but until then, we’ll be happy with the typical installation. 20130122_LIVINGROOM_4This is our selection from Shaw. ┬áCan’t wait to see the installation!